Central Oklahoma

Chapter 63




In late 1972 several Oklahoma City Amateurs began to discuss the possibility of forming a QCWA chapter in Oklahoma City. This group was headed by Ronald "RED" Maier - W5RDE. Help and encouragement was given by Carlos "MONTE" Montymayer - W5YZ of the Houston, Texas chapter and Ted Heithecker W5EJ of the Dallas, Texas chapter. A meeting was held in December 1972 in Oklahoma City with enough people present to form a new chapter (Minimum required 10). Monti W5YZ had told them if they could get 50 members National QCWA would provide the chapter with a free banner. (About $100.00)

A membership drive was started with mailings to people who had been licensed at least 25 years ago. It was talked about on Oklahoma City's Two repeaters. On Friday January 26, 1973 another meeting was held at which time they had 43 members. A lot of arm twisting went on and at a meeting in late February 1973 they had 52 Charter Members. The application for CENTRAL OKLAHOMA CHAPTER was filled out, signed by Red W5RDE and mailed to Headquarters.

On March 19, 1973 the charter, signed by QCWA Executive Secretary Gus Gironda - W2JE and President Barry M. Goldwater - K7UGA, was issued to CENTRAL OKLAHOMA CHAPTER 63.

The first official meeting of Central Oklahoma Chapter 63 was held Sunday April 15, 1973 at 1:30 P.M. at O'Mealey's Patrician Room NW 31st. and May in Oklahoma City. Thirty five people were present.

The meeting was called to order by acting Chairman Red Maier W5RDE. The New QCWA Charter for Central Oklahoma Chapter 63 was presented to the group by Red.

The following Officers were nominated and all elected by acclamation:

Chairman:             Red Maier          W5RDE sk
Vice Chairman:    Ray Long           W5TY sk
Sec./Trea.:            George Holt       W5DDI sk

                                Ellard Foster     W5KE sk
                                Carl Drumeller W5JJ sk
                                Paul Kovar        W5CDG sk
                                Bob Ashby         W5HXL sk

Ellard Foster W5KE presented a constitution for the chapter, it was approved unanimously by the membership present.

It was voted to charge each member $1.00 per year to cover operating expenses.

At a Officers meeting Saturday June 30, 1973 it was suggested that the group get together for an "ON THE AIR MEETING" each Sunday morning at 8:30 A.M. on 3850 KHz. The Chairman acted as NCS. In 1986 Chairman Robbie Ruynon - AA0O suggested that all chapter officers rotate as NCS. The "ON THE AIR MEETING" continues today on 3855 KHz LSB 8:00AM Local each Sunday morning, with the chapter officers rotating NCS duties.

In about 1984 Gene Nailon - K5DLE began the process of computerizing the chapter records. Today, all of the chapters records and much of the history is maintained on computer by several members.

Today the Chapter has members all across Oklahoma and in several other states.  This stretches from New Mexico on the west, to Kentucky on the east, to Texas on the south, and to North Dakota on the north. The Chapter 63  membership has been as high as 140 and is currently 120.

Gene Nailon - K5DLE sk

On February 13, 2012, a new program in the Central Oklahoma Chapter 63 is that a Life Membership is available for $100 or $150 for a member and spouse, non-refundable. Life Membership certificates will be issued. In addition, a special category on the W5AS net roll call list will be inserted between the Officers/Directors list and the regular roll call list. Thus the Life Members will get called earlier than the regular members. The response has been brisk since this Life Membership feature was implemented.

Lyeal Amos - W5SJC